Intelligent Fitness is about finding the smartest path to achieving your health goals. We understand that health is a balance of mental, social and physical wellbeing, and that physical fitness encompasses multiple aspects. This means health goals are as many and varied as the people who make them and every individual path to achievement follows it’s own route.

IF Studio is a custom made private Personal Training and Group Exercise Venue in the heart of Central District, Hong Kong.

We have a wide range of equipment, great new showers, a friendly, private atmosphere and most importantly light airy open SPACE.

Movement is the cornerstone of fitness and IF you need to stretch out in a yoga class, throw a few spin kicks or simply jump around with your trainer IF studio’s 50sq metres of open floor space allows you the freedom to do it.

IF Studio has a maximum of 4 trainers at any time so you’ll never feel cramped and the whole studio is available to hire for group classes.

IF you’re a Group Exercise Instructor, a freelance Personal Trainer or just a group of friends looking for a place to work out- IF is the answer!

Bodywise Fitness is the original Personal Training business of IF founder Richard Clow. Richard has 20 years experience in the fitness industry, the last 10 of them in Hong Kong as a freelance Personal Trainer. Richard loves fluidity in movement and aims to promote the idea of Poetry in Motion with his fitness clients.